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Greenhouse Pot Holder Tray

This is a great gift for the eco-conscious person! The greenhouse holder tray pot will add to the visual of a lush green home. The pot also features a variety of plants and animals inbuxomed. The tray can hold up to 4 plants or 4 succulent plants. The pot also features a drip tray for wateropossibilities of wateraining for the plants. The pot is also made with a vase holder for unique giving.

Cheapest Greenhouse Pot Holder Tray Deal

This is a green greenhouse holder tray pot which will hold plants in style! It is 15 12 hole design and includes a basin bracket to construction, a germination flowers (souvenir from a old botany book), a nursery pot, and a pot holder.
this is a greenhouse holder tray pot that can be used to store plants in a nursery. It is 100x to size for large plants and has a soft, comfortable fabric design. It can hold up to 3 plants and is raising bag size for easy care. The pot can be left open to allow air circulation and the bag can be easily emptied for safekeeping.
this is a plastic plant holder tray pot that allows you to grow plants in your greenhouse. It is perfect for using when needling or during cold weather.